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The Prologue

Without even time to blink the earth below me had given way. I caught the ledge with my leftarm. The weight of my pack started to drag me down…

In April of 2003 I started my journey across Russia. Starting in the legendary cities of Saint Petersburg and Moscow I worked my way east along the endless kilometres of railway to Krasnoyarsk and back again, with countless places along the way.

The main goal of the journey was to reach 60º53.963 N x 101º53.458 E, in other words, the epicentre of one of the largest meteor “impacts” in recent history.

It was a meteor that fell to earth; it came around the sun getting pulled in close to the earth. Earth’s gravity made the object “fall” into the atmosphere. The object was now going slow enough not to create an actual impact, but instead explode before hitting the ground.

The epicentre we were looking for was the centre of that explosion. We did make it, and that was merely the beginning.

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